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Bubble wrap packaging and polyethylene foam packaging are innovative packaging solutions that deliver the ultimate protection through the entire shipping journey.
They are commonly used for packing fragile items and to protect them against moisture, shocks, and scratches during transport and disposal.
Bubble wrap is very durable user-friendly material that protects against contamination and external factors.
The products are fully recyclable.


We offer a wide range of processed products from PE foam and bubble film, laminates and other packages on the customer’s request.     

Sport and Tourism

We offer EPE and XPE foam sleeping pads and sun protection for car windows.
Building insulation

We offer a wide range of products as dilatation tapes, foam and laminate under flooring panels.

In 2015 the enterprise obtained the certificate confirming the implementation of the quality control system ISO 9001.
If you want to see the certificate, click here.
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